Pan Frying

Your Dining impact:

Sautéed raw ingredients are completely transformed, flavours are fused and a pageant of flavour is created. For elegant dishes, the skillet may be “deglazed” and the reduced sauce drizzled over the finished entrée. The results are simply delicious!

Preferred utensils:

A heavy cast iron skillet (smooth bottomed or with ridges running across the surface such as raised bars of hot iron) or a heavy stainless-steel pan. Sautéing pans and skillets are essential to caramelizing seafood and creating reductions, which naturally enhance the rich flavours.

Tips for Pan Frying:

  • Use cast-iron skillets or stainless steel pans
  • Proteins naturally ‘lift’ from the pan surface when done.
  • Add citrus juice, wine or balsamic vinegar to the pan when the protein is removed. The resulting glaze can be simmered and reduced to create a sauce with intense and rich flavours.
  • Butter or cream can be used with the reduction to create flavourful sauces