Our Vision is to inspire exceptional food experiences around the world with natural ingredients.

 Our Mission is to improve our value chain through:

  • International sales of single-portion, natural food.
  • Continuously innovating goods, services and systems.
  • Educating about food origins, culture and preparation techniques.

Rod McCarrell

Ever since his earliest years, Rod has been a keenly adventurous, creative and entrepreneurial individual.  For 9 months as a student ambassador, Rod circumnavigated the world to represent Canada in 20 nations. On this and later travels, he developed a deep cultural awareness for the people, foods and wines of the world.  Rod attended the University of British Columbia earning a History degree. While there, he happily carved his path through the Faculties of Commerce & Business Administration and Bio-Engineering Resources.

Later, Rod invested in and operated a health care facility. Here he learned food was integral to improving residents’ health and wellbeing. His passion and determination led him to develop a rare establishment that improved client health to the degree that some could return to independent living.   

Rods mantra of "Enjoy and share at least one great experience a day" helps White Box Food Co. internalize positive influences and provide exceptional standards for quality and customer experiences.

Rob Moore

Rob’s passion for travel was ignited when he spent his first year after high school sailing around the Pacific Rim and visiting over 20 countries. Becoming a global citizen afforded great opportunities to enjoy authentic cultures and foods. Later, with his desire to live abroad and his interest in business, Rob spent a semester studying International Business in Provence, France. While there he enjoyed French culinary culture (and the baguettes!) and learned the language.

After graduating in Marketing (Honours) from Okanagan College, Rob was keen to combine his international experiences with his love of food. In the midst of developing his own food company he met Rod McCarrell, put that ambition aside and resolved to join the leadership at White Box Food Co.   

Today, Rob is often in the White Box test kitchen gleefully creating new & classical creations, and sharing out comes with inspired & fortunate food executives.